Si Gross
curious creator



A curious creator of visual stories. Making Art based on stories about people and creatures. Pulling my ideas from ancient tales and current news affairs. A world full of truth, mystery and lies. I capture their perceptions and how they behave with sincere and satirical illustrations.

I create designs, through a process of photographs to digital or real ink drawings, to silk screen printing, spray cans and paint pens. Switching between stark monochrome or painterly colours that are bold and dramatic. I’m drawn mostly to painting onto wood and screen printing because it delivers a tactile hand finish and I do love the smell of freshly mixed paint. It’s the transformative process of turning something digital into something I can touch. I use my digital camera as a journal, collecting a lot of photos. Sometimes certain images jump out for further inspection and transformation. I start sketching digitally on an iPad and with ink and pencils on paper. Aferwards it becomes a large scale drawing made in Photoshop. Then I like to see my designs embossed on a surface. I’m drawn to silk screen, paint and ink because it allows repetition of motif and gives fast, simple colour changes that deliver a tactile hand finish. I’m not convinced by my work if it’s just behind the surface of a digital screen.


Si Gross graduated with a 1st Class BA Fine Art Degree from The University of Central Lancashire. Adept in drawing, painting, editorial photography, photo and video editing, performance art, sound design and video art. Can solve problems quickly with his visual skills. He’s exhibited in numerous cities across Europe including shows in Cologne, London, Liverpool and Marseille.

Over the last decade, Si Gross has been working on visual stories, news and features. With expertise in the fields of human rights, culture, music, politics and entertainment. Working freelance for international editorial picture agencies, The Gutmann Report, NTDTV and The Epoch Times Newspaper. 


31 July 2018 - NTD India - “The Brave Ones” - Interview Video and sound recording -

18 April 2018 - The Gutmann Report Podcast - “The Lamps Go Out” - Sound design and on location sound recording -

24 June 2016 - NTD Nordic - NEW Investigative Report - An Update to Bloody Harvest & The Slaughter - Video and sound recording -

18 March - 10 April 2016 - "The Liz Gang" illustration shown at Best of British Art Rookie Group Exhibition at The Printspace Gallery - London, UK.

5 - 15 February 2016 - Various Manumission and Fatboy Slim Ibiza club photographs at Lost in Music Group Show at The Printspace Gallery - London, UK.

12 August 2014 - Ethan Gutmann Book Trailer - “The Slaughter One On One” - Director, video and sound recording -